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The Long Beach Pub - Friday, January 20, 2023

The print-at-home daily newspaper for residents of Long Beach, California. PDF version.

Map of the day

A map of the beaches of Los Angeles County


231 new jobs on Indeed.com including Legal Assistant $25hr and HR Generalist $55hr

31 new jobs on craigslist including Accountant $35hr


40 new rental listings on HotPads including: $3,695 2BR in Downtown


Yelp lists many Japanese Restaurants in Long Beach including these highest rated ones: 39 Degrees and Torisho

Mayor's Office - @longbeachmayor @LongBeachCity

Southwest Connects Long Beach to Kansas City with Daily Nonstop Service Starting March 9

Schools @longbeachusd


Library @LBCityLibrary

There are many events this week on the Library calendar

Airport @lgbairport

40+ planes arriving today: mostly Southwest with a few from American, Hawaiian, and Delta

Port @portoflongbeach

Port Of Long Beach Closes 2022 With Second-busiest Year

Harbor Commission Meeting - Mon, Jan 23, 1:30 PM

Police @LBPD

LBPD Officers Arrest Five Suspects For Stealing Fire Hydrants

Gang Detectives Identify And Arrest Attempted Murder Suspect

1 new incidents in blotter from 1-19 including 1 shooting.

Fire Department @lbfd

Deukmejian Courthouse

There are many civil cases today and many criminal cases.



Posts yesterday in the Long Beach Subreddit included:

Why did developers stop building high rises in Alamitos Beach? - 11 upvotes

Have a great Friday!

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